Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lifelines 101

For those who drew a blank when I babbled about lifelines in the previous post, here are some helpful links.

The Lifeline Explained

A Lifeline Video

The Mysterious Circular Needle Hole for Lifelines

Basically, a lifeline is a temporary thread carried through the row of live stitches. If you make a serious mistake and have to rip back, or you drop a stitch, the lifeline is a lifesaver.

You can use any smooth yarn for a lifeline. I like silk buttonhole thread myself, but some people use dental floss, nylon thread, or ravel cord, among other choices.

While I was searching for lifeline information, I discovered KnitWiki. Clearly, it's just starting up, but could become an extremely valuable resource for all of us.


Batty said...

You know, I've never actually used them. But that's because none of my lace projects have had more than 200 stitches. When I start my next shawl, I'm using lifelines for sure!

Lacefreak said...

Dear fleegle,

I had only heard of lifelines last year for the first time and tried it out for the WRS. I have to say, if having a hole for the line to go through works, I'd likely use a lifeline more often on difficult lace. Until then, I just grit my teeth and go real slow.

miyamojo said...

Thanks for the lifeline reminder.
I realized too late that I had dropped a stitch... and had to start over on my Unst Stole.
Learning how to count would help me too! m:)