Thursday, August 22, 2013

Owl Hats

Ah, another two months, another blog post.

Fleegle surveys the totally empty virtual auditorium.

Hello? Anyone there?

Pauses to listen to the thunderous silence.

I have pounds and pounds of free cashmere yarn to give away to loyal readers....

Smiles as hundreds of fan suddenly materialize, all of them staring wistfully at the bulging sack to the right of the podium.

Heh. Just kidding!

Opens bag to display a welter of garish, no-dyelot acrylic worsted and gleefully tosses skeins to random readers.

But now that you're here....

...You can admire these silly hats that I made for a friend (green) and her two-year-old daughter (pink, of course).


The pattern is Chouette, by Ekaterina Blanchard. The hats are a quick and delightful knit. I used Malabrigo Chunky). The wiggly eyes were purchased at a local big-box craft store. Each hat took about two hours, start to finish.

I was not thrilled by the original tassels, so I ordered some adorable owl stitch markers from an Etsy store. They are heavy, but give the points a delightful droop. The markers can be removed for washing.

Having just finished a lovely sweater, it will only be a few days until the next post. I have to wait for a sunny day to do the photos. And, as it rains torrentially here every single day, who knows when that might be.

So, as long as you have gathered together in my comfy auditorium, waves a tentacle at the door, which shuts with a shuddering squelch, you might as well knit yourself something while waiting for me to take pictures of Old Town.

Passes out plastic #10 needles and a pattern for a garter-stitch scarf.

And I have pom-pom makers for those who want embellishment!