Friday, January 20, 2012

Fleegle Spins Supported--The Book!


From the back cover...

The greatest book ever written about supported spinning! Looks offstage. Yes. I know this is the only book ever written about supported spinning, but I have to write something for the back cover copy ...glances offstage again ...because the guy who printed the books told me blank covers look, well, suspicious. Turns toward the stage wing... I am not going to rant about that on the back cover... faces front... OK, so this book is just full to the brim with over 400 pages describing everything you need to know about spinning with a supported spindle. Included with the erudite, entertaining text and stunning photographs are 25 videos taken by total non-professionals who had some trouble figuring out which buttons to press on the camera, but all in all, we think they came out pretty well!

A few sample pages to whet your appetite...

Probably the first-ever interactive PDF to ship on a flash drive! It might actually be the first, but we don't want to get sued, so we inserted a waffle word. Heh.

Interactive PDF with embedded video, shipped on a USB 2.0 flash drive 
400+ full-color pages, suitable for any computer or tablet
Requires Adobe Acrobat 9 or later to take advantage of the
interactive features and software capable of playing .MP4 video files

Click here to order the hardbound paper book. $100, plus shipping
A new printing might be available in 2013, depending on demand.
Please message me on Ravelry (fleegle) and we will add you to
the list for another printing.
400+ full-color pages, suitable for any coffee table
Includes the ebook flash drive version

We couldn't find anyone to write glowing praise, mainly because the book was just published, so we made stuff up!

Alexander the Great would have said...
If I had had this book while I was facing Darius III of Persia, I might not have actually won the battle, because I would have been fiddling with fiber.

Cleopatra would have said...
I could have done some real damage to those asps with a pointy spindle.

Shakespeare would have said...
To spin or not to spin, that is the question. But after reading this book, I feel that spinning is the answer, not the question. Anne really liked the book, too.

Einstein would have said...
S-twist or Z-twist, it's all relative.

Feel free to submit your own testimonials and if they are as positive as the ones above, we'll use them! Just think, you get to replace Alexander the Great's or Einstein's verbiage with some of your own!