Saturday, July 17, 2010

Current Knitting

 Warning: This blog post contains Harry. 

Puddle #1: The King Bat Shawl

Harry has refused to budge when I asked him to help out, but I am slowly creeping around the edging, having actually finished one and a half sides. Although I try very hard to do at least one repeat a day, just about anything, including a compulsion to alphabetize my sock drawer, is sufficient to divert my attention. As someone once remarked to me about the first The Lord of the Rings movie: "I thought they would never get to Rivendell...." And speaking of the endless march to Rivendell, we have...

Puddle #2: The Queen Susan Shawl

Although I dearly love the pattern, I have to admit that it is a stupefyingly boring knit. The delicate tracery is mostly composed of a single motif, and I am thoroughly weary of it. Being only on Row 52 of 165, this initially sweet little pile of fluffy gossamer has mutated into the Tyrannosaurus Rex of the UFO basket, snapping and growling at me whenever I pass it by. Which I try to do often. But I gamely knit at least five rows a week, because I want to see it finished. I try not to look ahead to the interminable edging, lest I suffer mental collapse before the border is actually started. Harry furtively backs away towards the vegetable keeper, because he knows he promised to knit rows 53-63...

Genuine Finished Objects
There are few things in a knitter's life more precious than a friend who is always cold, and thus actually needs warm hats, mitts, and other small, fuzzy, and quickly finished objects. The Queen Susan Shawl of Avoidance has driven me into a relative frenzy of knitting winter gear, for example...

A lovely pair of Whitewater mitts out of Mini Mochi....

And a little Bainbridge neckwarmer out of handspun merino/angora/silk.

And lastly, because, next to a chilly friend, those with babies are also useful, as I can knit silly stuff like this:

The mitts, scarf, and elephant patterns are free on Ravelry and take little yarn, not much time, and, most importantly, have no edging whatsoever.

Those who have asked after Harry can draw comfort (or not) from the fact that he did not fall into a volcano, get eaten by an aardvark, or retire from the knitting world. He has, however, traded in his karaoke machine for a set of ten-pins. He thoughtfully set up a practice lane on the headboard of our bed, so we will always be aware of when he gets a strike and can wake up to give him a reward.

He generally bowls with his millipede buddy, Clarence, and Harry is currently knitting him a set of socks. He claims this project is preventing him from fulfilling the promises made to help out with the Puddles, but I think he's even more bored by edging than I am.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to the Future

1968. Viet Nam. Rolling Stones. Martin Luther King. Bobby Kennedy, Alice's Restaurant. Apollo 8.  Spinning. Knitting, Macrame.

Yes indeedy. I once made a macrame thingie that hung on my dorm wall next to a Jefferson Airplane poster:

I wasn't at all fond of macrame, but I loved the colors of this piece, and so it travelled around with me, hanging around on walls while I did other things. When we moved from Maryland to Georgia, I noticed it looked rather scruffy.  I removed it from the wall and thoughtlessly asked Roy to toss it out. Which, of course, he didn't do. He still has his grade school report cards.

2010. Iraq. Afghanistan, Rolling Stones (they are still giving concerts!). etc. etc. yadda yadda. Spinning. Knitting.  Dyeing. A few months ago, I spotted a gorgeous batt All The Pretty Fibers' store on Etsy. I quickly dropped it into my shopping cart...the lovely colors rang a bell.

Then I asked Roy where that old macrame thingie was. And sure enough...

I will spin one of the batts into a graduated yarn, perhaps to knit either Aeolian or Luiza .

It's amazing that a color scheme I admired 40-odd years ago is still beautiful to me.  And even more remarkable that Roy actually found the wall hanging in the basement. Of course, he will never let me forget that he saved it so I could write this blog post. Sigh.