Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pearly Whites

The weather is lovely here in Costa Rica, but apparently, it's a bit nippy back in the US and other Northern climes. So, despite the fact that we are prancing around in shorts, many of you may appreciate seeing (and knitting) a Really Warm Hat.

The pattern is Susan Pandorf's Gotham hat, which I modified because I used heavier yarn than the original. I happened to have some Yubina Chunky cashmere and a bit of Richmore Count 10 mohair, so I worked them together to make a fluffy, warm little head cover. I omitted the final repeat and altered the stitch count to make the hat fit my head (a practical concept I try to use often).

I wanted to decorate the hat with some beady stuff, but I didn't want pounds of pearls on my head, so I bought some cheap plastic pearls from Michaels and sewed them on afterward. The holes in the pearls were too small to thread on the yarn during construction.

In Other News...

We originally came down to Costa Rica for a bit of medical work and a lot of sightseeing, but our trip didn't work out exactly as planned (as usual). Instead of frolicking in the rain forests and ogling indigenous animal life, I spent most of it in a San Jose hospital.

I can tell you that, while the hospital was fabulous (and accepts Blue Cross/Blue Shield), I was unable to knit, thanks to the plentiful IVs that adorned both arms. In fact, even though I couldn't do anything with knitting needles (Enough already with the needles!), I did sort of resemble of skein of yarn. The knitless weeks turned out to be a good thing, because I was down to a single skein of sock yarn. And folks, there is not a single yarn store in the entire country.

Several lovely people offered to send me yarn--thank you all for your generosity!

We are returning home Wednesday where I shall bury my face in my stash for a few hours and pick up my needles (knitting, not IV) once more. I do have something exquisitely lovely to show you next time, so please come back and enjoy.

And no, before you ask, Harry was totally useless. He picked up a karaoke gig in a local bar, where his Japanese renditions of popular favorites were greeted with wild enthusiasm. He did visit the hospital several times, only to be chased around by nurses wielding tightly wrapped tortillas. He also took my lonely skein of sock yarn with him on his last visit, noting that I couldn't knit, so why waste it? Little heartless creep.