Sunday, June 17, 2007

Touch Lace Yarn from Yarn Place

In the frenzied excitement of swatching for the Princess shawl, I almost forgot about the skein of Touch that Jane had included in her goodie box to me.

Touch is lovely to both fondle and knit. It's soft and a bit silky, but still has the liveliness that characterizes knitables from the Yarn Place. The composition is a mix of 5% cashmere, 85% merino, and 10% Tencel. The Tencel contributes the silky feeling, cashmere the softness, and merino the springiness.

Left to right on the dime:
Heirloom Knitting Gossamer Merino

I made the swatch on #0 needles, but if I were going to actually knit lace with it, I would go with a size 2 needle. It's a bit heavier than than Gentle. Here's another dime shot:

And a little comparison chart:
Heirloom Knitting Gossamer Merino: 100% merino, 11811 yards/lb
Angel: 100% merino, 8423 yards/lb
Gentle: 5% cashmere 95% wool, 6265 yards/lb
Touch: 5% cashmere, 85% merino, 10% Tencel, 5811 yards/lb

I thought it actually felt a little finer to knit than Gentle, so you might want to take the yards/pound with a bit of salt. I'm sure that Wraps Per Inch are more accurate, but wrapping all these teeny tiny yarns around a WPI thingie will have to wait for that mythical time when I have alphabetized my stash, carefully arranged my needles in pristine order, and cleaned out the drawer in the kitchen with the ten-year-old catalogs.

Anyway, here's a swatch lineup:

My sample page shows Touch available in nine colors, including the regrettable Split Pea Soup shown here. Harry actually liked this color, which he dubbed "Grasshopper." No accounting for taste, I guess.


Lacefreak said...

Dear fleegle,

The split pea soup sounded better on the phone when I ordered it LOL. Little did I know what it would actually look like! Lucky it comes in other very pretty colors. I have way too many lace projects so watching you swatch instead of me is very entertaining and a time saver.

LittleBerry said...

I always read your blog with interest and find your comments invaluble on swatching with different yarns.
Thanks :o)

Anonymous said...

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Batty said...

Pretty yarn!

Not sure I'd want split pea soup in a shawl (the color actually looked nicer to me until I read the name...), but it's very nice yarn.

Opal said...

i really love your take on the different lace yarns available. so far i've only knit with jaggerspun zephyr. you would not believe how much of it i have in my stash. one day i'll actually venture out and try a different type of laceweight.

Carol said...

I have to say "Grasshopper" sounds better than "split pea soup"....

Laughingrat said...

I have to admit I like the pea soup color too. ;) Then again, yellow-green is always cropping up in my colorways...

Anonymous said...

In honor of you, Fleegle, we have renamed the Touch shade to "Grasshopper". You should know that the color name on your color chart was just a "temporary" descriptive name (wasn't feeling very creative that day). There is also a shade that is a brighter green, called Green Apple.

We have a re-order of the Touch yarn coming in later this summer that will have some of our very popular shades back in stock: red, aubergine, ivory, and others. It will likely be here in early August.