Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sock Interlude

This pair (there is mate to this one, really!) was knitted in feather and fan pattern using Handmaiden Silk/Cashmere Rose Garden on #0 needles. The pattern is my own toe-up, no-hassle sock. You can find the pattern here. I used a crocheted bind-off as an experiment. Meh.


Batty said...

Oooh, colorful and pretty! You'd think the colors and the lace would be too much, but somehow, they work together!

Lacefreak said...

Dear fleegle, Can you say "closet Fem?" Beautiful Sox and wonderful colors!

Anonymous said...

I love your toe up sock pattern. I found it via Knitters Review sock forum. I have been using it with great success! Regarding a post you made on KR 5/20/06, I have a question. When adding heel stitch on the sole....would you expound on the way you short row on the sole to make up for the heel stitches height contraction?Deb

fleegle said...

Ah. I don't remember that post, and I don't ever short-row anything. Did I ever? Could you give me a link?

deb said...


I have been working the heel stitch just on bottom of heel while increasing for the gussets. The flap & gusset are too short by the time all gusset increases are made. I'm not well versed with short rows. Should I put them in before the gusset increases or during and after?

Here's your comment & the link
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Posted - 05/20/2006 : 4:37:41 PM

I am sorry I was unclear. I knit toe-up socks with a flap and gusset. The gusset is increased on the sole stitches, then the heel is turned. There are no stitches to pick up. My DH hates the ridge from picked-up gussets and he wears out his socks on the bottom of his foot, not the back of the heel. This technique makes it easy to do heel stitch where he actually needs it. (I saw some stainless steel yarn the other way and immediately thought that just maybe, that yarn is the sock knitter's dream reinforcement... but we fly a lot and the metal detector (and the TSA agent) at the airport would go bananas. Metal socks?)

I actually now do heel stitch along most of the sole, as he is picky about cushy socks. I just knit an extra round on the sole every so often to make up for the heel stitch's height contraction. This is done by wrapping and then knitting back across the sole and around, picking up the wrap on the next round. Sometimes, instead of heel stitch on the sole, I add a thin strand of cashmere or really soft cotton, knit it back to the beginning of the sole and drop it instead of going around.

The decreasing concept was just a suggestion... And when I do occasionally knit a flap heel, I don't bother slipping anymore. I just pick up in every other stitch. This avoids that elongated stitch, which I don't care for. In fact, now that I think of it,I have stopped slipping just about everywhere. It never made any sense to me and to my eye, just looks sloppy.

ps: Neither of us like short-row socks. They just don't seem to fit either of our feet. Nice concept, though.