Friday, January 26, 2007

Me? The Designated Penguin?

So much positive response to the Black Widows Spider Queen! But as I was clicking my needles together in anticipation and basking in the admiration of my fellow lace knitters, my husband reminded me about The Designated Penguin.

Penguins aren't stupid, well, not really really stupid. Not as stupid, say, as someone who wants to knit an incredibly complex shawl with black frog hair.

When penguins want to go take a swim, instead of everyone jumping enthusastically into the water, they crowd around the edge of the ice and push one of the flock (pride? group? tuxedo?) into the water. If The Designated Penguin doesn't get eaten by a passing seal, well, great! The water's safe and they all jump in for a swim.

Um, anyone out there feeling sort of black and white and feathery?


Dave said...

I hope you like krill. :-)

Lacefreak said...

Ha Ha Ha. I already have enough torture with my own projects thank you, but I bet you look really good in black and white!