Sunday, January 7, 2007

Mystical Creations Eye Candy

Mystical Creations is another fabulous micro-store, brought to you by Etsy. The colors are eyepoppingly gorgeous--they actually look just as intense in the hand as they do on the computer screen. I bought two skeins of the merino superwash--it's soft, luscious, luxurious, brilliantly colored, reasonably priced, smells wonderful and is eminently knitable, too. Oh, and they shipped with a set of five sweet, little beaded markers.

I have two quibbles about this microstore. First, is the lack of any labels on the yarn. You might quibble too, because I can't tell you the names of the colorways. Unless I label them myself, as soon as they hit the stash drawer I won't be able to tell the origin or fiber content. You Need Labels, MCY.

The gauge posted on the site is deceiving too--this yarn won't knit up at 10-16 spi, even if I used carefullly straightened hairpins for needles and sucked all the air out of the yarn with a vacuum pump.

MC also carries some cashmere, cotton, silk, alpaca, and bulky wool yarns. But like all Etsy stores, stock changes daily, so check back often.

There are probably a few superlative adjectives I haven't used, so feel free to zip over to the shop and browse. You can then blog your own description using my leftover adjectives.


Janice in GA said...

I have been eyeing that site for a while now. I'm definitely going to reward myself with some new yarn sometime soon!

illanna said...

Hi! I just found your blog through knitter's review because of what you did with your interchangable needles. How practical and resourceful! Your shawl is coming out lovely. I love your blog and I subscribed through bloglines so I can keep reading more!

Mystical Creation Yarns Elegant, Passionate, Inspiring Yarns said...


Sorry for the no tags on the yarns we have been so swamped that we stopped for a while figuring getting our shipping out promptly was more important.

We will start doing it again.

Thank you


Batty said...

Beautiful yarn!