Friday, January 26, 2007

Black Diamond Head Lamp

Several people have reminded me that good lighting is essential for knitting dark yarn. Yes. Well. My husband took one look at me fondling that black Gentle yarn, scampered to REI, and purchased the best headlamp he could find.

Complete with dorky headstrap and battery pack, this baby could stun an entire herd of moose. It is actually three lights in one--a central spotlight and two slightly less formidable side lights.

They are all LEDs, by the way, so the battery life is pretty good and your head won't cook after you've worn it for a while. There are several brightness settings, too. Oh yes, it has a strobe setting, which I envision using as a signal for more cookies or something.

Comes in green and silver and uses 3 AA batteries. It's called the Black Diamond Icon. On it's lowest setting, it provides 164 hours of light; on the highest setting, 70 hours.


Anonymous said...

Combining spelunking and knitting into one! I suppose a head lamp would be more space saving than having an Ott Lite in your Japanese apartment, but I personally wouldn't be caught wearing that and knitting. But I'm still young and my eyes aren't quite ruined yet.

LadyLungDoc said...

It's also handy for knitting in the car at night (when you are a passenger, of course!)

Anonymous said...

There's one knitting tool Clara hasn't reviewed yet!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo Haahaa, I have to let my hubby read this tonight. this is just the kind of thing he might do.

madonnaearth said...

Ok, now it's official...I cannot read your blog and drink liquids at the same time.

The head light for knitting the black spider queen shawl? Priceless. Love it. Continuing to read to see if it worked or if you had to break down and buy the Ott light.

veejaye said...

That is hilarious! You would blind everyone when you looked up at them! I like the strobe light for snacks idea - that's cool!