Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Nupps are little bobbly things that are characteristic of Estonian lace. Here's a picture from the Estonian Lace book I talked about yesterday featuring lots of nupps.

Nupps are easy! Nupps are fun! Nupps shouldn't drive you crazy!

The trick to nupps is really quite simple: put lots of extra slack. Here's a walkthrough on nupp-making.

In a single stitch on the knit side: K1, YO, K1, YO, K1. Notice in the images below that there is a lot of slack in these stitches. Here's the first K1:

And K1, YO, K1:

And here's the finished set of stitches:

Now, on the purl side, notice how easily the needle runs through all 5 stitches, thanks to the extra slack you left on the knit side:

Just purl as usual:

Here's what the finished purled stitch looks like on the wrong side:

And admire your plump, finished nupp:


Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I'm working Forest Path Stole now and the Lily of the Valley diamonds have nupps all over the freaking place! I've been carrying a damn croshit hook around with me to pry the buggers along. I'll try your technique tonight! Thanks

Unknown said...

I don't have a problem with nupps on flat knitting, but I'm working on a circular shawl with nupps working in the round. They don't quite come out the same. Any ideas on how to work these differently? Also the stitch before the nupp (no yo in this design) is a lot larger than the other stockinette stitches. Any ideas on how to keep it smaller?