Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Heere Be Dragones Shawl Progress

Well, I can't say I have exactly set my needles on fire, but I am up to row 33. Row 31 is the first one with the weird Horizontal Stitch and Row 32 is the first purl row with Right Twists. This shawl was designed by Sharon Winsauer (aka Mistress of Knitting Pain) and you can read more details about it here.

I thought it might be instructive for anyone approaching this design with the idea of actually knitting it, to see my setup. I don't think I have anything more to add at this point. But I surely will keep you posted on my progress, if any.

Close-up view of workspace:


Dave said...

Oh my, now you've really scared me. Yikes! I'll be watching for further progress. :-)

Anonymous said...

That one is on the list too. *sigh* I'm just not sure when. :)