Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Knitting Purgatory

Right and left, everything seemed to be wrong-footed this week. First we have several reports from the Needle Morgue:

Name: KnitPicks #0
Age: Maybe two months
Cause of Death: Decordification

Name: Suzanne Ebony #4
Age: 1 day
Cause of Death: Broken spine

On a less cheery note, here is the latest on my WIPs.

First we have DH's Cheshire Cat alpaca/silk sweater in progress.

After finishing two cuffs, we decided they were too tight. Ribbit.

And two Great Adirondack Soxie socks:

I had gotten about halfway up the legs, but decided I hated the way the ribbing pattern looked and felt. Ribbit.

And here's the ratty headscarf (Peacock shawl). I have exactly two rows of this sucker left before I finish. If you see an excessive number of lifelines, it's because half the stitches seem to be leaping to their death when I am not looking. For the rest of the shawl, a lifeline every ten rows or so was just fine. I lifelined every one of the last ten rows after ripping back four times. Ribbet.


Ceallach said...

Your frog pond is prodigious at the moment......

Anonymous said...

I've had three of those knitpicks cords break in the same way. I'm very disappointed...

MBT said...

Sorry to hear about the plethora of knitting dramas, but kudos on the froggy photos!

Kyoko said...

I'm so sorry about your beloved needles.

I'm knitting my second socks with
one-month-old Knit Picks #0s.
I wonder if there's any prevention against decordification.

fleegle said...

I don't think there is any way to prevent decordification. The cables are just glued in. I suspect a handy person could fix the problem, but I just couldn't get the cable all the way back into the needle. I asked KnitPicks for a new one. We will see what they do.