Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Make My Day!

Opal, at Akami Knitter, has gifted me with this sweet little award:

The rules say I have to pass this on to ten more people whose blogs bring me happiness and inspiration. If I don't pass it on, my knitting will probably go frotz and Harry will start sharing the dinner hour with us.

I read quite a few blogs, but fortunately, Opal already awarded some of my favorites, so I shall spread the joy by naming the following (in alphabetical order):

BadCatDesigns, who keeps inventing these gorgeous patterns and generously shares them with all of us, for free!

Criminy Jickets, whose beautiful socks make me ashamed of my plain knitted footware.

Fluffbuff, who provides a delectable menu of both food and knitting.

I'm Tinking. Fat chance. Her lace is fabulous, and her toys adorable.

Lace Maven, whose lace knitting gives me that little frisson of pleasure just from gazing upon the pictures.

LittleBerry Knits beautifully and has a magnificent color sense, too!

The Doily Underground, who knits exquisite little masterpieces almost fast enough to satisfy my hunger for pretty pictures.

Things Soo Likes: Can knitting get any more gorgeous? The only person who has inspired me to breaking and entering so I can steal that Kaffe Fassett coat.

Tia Knits, whose Fair Isle knitting makes my eyes pop out and roll around on the floor.

YorkSett Arts and Crafts, who spins, weaves, and knits, all with exquisite taste.

まちづくりカフェ通信, just because you are my friend. Get your Internet fixed already! (Blogger sure hates Japanese, doesn't it?)


Colette said...

Thank you Fleegle. You always make my day.

Batty said...

How did you get it to display decent-looking Japanese??? The combination of blogger and non-Roman alphabet has been a bit of a struggle for me (though for a language other than Japanese).

Laritza said...

Thank you! Off to find day makers!

Dave said...

Thank you. I must say you always bring a smile to my face ... well, I Harry helps with that too. Hate to break it to you, but most of my socks are just plain too.

z's momma said...

thank you fleegle. you definitely always make my day.

ps. would love another fix of your intl.'s looking fabulous.

Opal said...

So glad to see you spread the joy! I picked up quite a few more blogs for my bloglines. So thank you!

LittleBerry said...

thank you, you certianly made my day this morning, but then you always do. It always brings a smile to my face when you've updated because I know it'll be a good read...

Anonymous said...

You are too sweet!!! When I get around to posting the 10 people who make my day, you're name is also on my list. I absolutely reading your blog.

Cool Japanese!!!

BadCatDesigns said...

Dear Fleegle,
Thank-you! I am in such good company, to be on your list. Now I just need to get a post up!!

missalicefaye said...

Your reading list looks an awful lot like mine... :)

Courtney said...


Soo said...

Ahhhh - thanks!!!

Reading your blog is always a treat in my day -- this is like the cherry on top!

StashDiva said...

Thanks for sharing those blogs, I have been reading much more than knitting thanks to you :-)