Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hot Pinks

Iris G and LittleBerry Knits have both conferred this Intensely Pink Award on me this week:

I spent about an hour trying to make a list of blogs to pass on the award, but I just couldn't decide (it's a Libra thing). I just love too many blogs, some of them written by non-girls (Hi to Kenny and Criminy Jickets!).

If you post a comment and have a blog, I will always jump there and read the latest entry. And most of the time, I add the blog to my subscription list. It's always amazed me how many talented, articulate people there are in the knitting community and I am incredibly lucky to get to talk with all of you.

Therefore, I pass on this award to:

** My Regular and Irregular Readers
Whoever You May Be. **

Thanks to all of you for making blog reading (and writing!) one of the happiest moments of my day.


Dave said...

Thank ye kindly, ma'am, and a tip of the ol' top hat at you. :-)

Opal said...

Cool! We're both Libras!

I wanted to nominate Dave too, until I realized this is a Rockin' *Girl* Blogger deal. I would have nominated you, but I thought you had already gotten the award!

Iris G said...

Ooh you've got such a brilliant idea (again)!

Laritza said...

Can't find your email to reply.......Yes Niebling was a genius! I have loads of his patterns and wish I could knit them all.

Lacefreak said...

I had no idea such an award exsisted. You deserve it because you really do rock! You always are so helpful and so very very funny! I think if Dave would cross-dress he could still have that award. What think you eh?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I really enjoy your blog and I've been following it since you started, but I can't remember if I ever posted a comment or not. I love reading your book reviews and technical tips and swatch-offs.

N. Maria said...

I try to be a regular reader and gets in my way.
I'm glad you write and blog it.

Jimbo said...

Came across a link to your blog in "Crochetville", believe it or not...
And here i am. I don't knit, and I don't crochet. And ordinarily I don't read many blogs. But here I am bookmarking yours!
This is just an incredible place! Thank you!