Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Two Tasty Treats

On the left, we have the finished lace bag from KnitPicks and, on the right, yes, that's right folks, it's a box of Green Tea KitKats! Yum!

The ribbon I originally purchased for the bag was too wide, so I snitched the ribbon for the booties and used it instead. Oh well. Back to the ribbon store at some point. Nothing ever seems to come out even around here.

This was a quick knit--only a few hours, and of course I modified it by knitting the bag circularly and working the lace panels on both sides.

Froggie looks comfortable in there, doesn't he?


Lacefreak said...

Very pretty sleeping bag for frog friend! Since it's lace with pink ribbon should we guess froggie is a she? And while we are at it, how does that Kit Kat actually taste? Wonderful pictures!

Monika said...

Oh my god, that Kit Kat looks so yummy!

Experimental Knitter said...

LOL! I thought the lace bag was a place to stash the KitKat! As it happens, I'm wearing Green Tea fragrance today. Wonder what a green tea KitKat tastes like, probably delish. So when Froggie is awake, what'll you keep in the lovely bag? Wouldn't the lace pattern make a nice sock?

missalicefaye said...

mmmm--pretty and yummy all in the same post! :)

Lucy said...

Very pretty bag (cute froggie)Fleegle - and yes tell me more about the Kit-Kat - it looks very tempting!!