Saturday, May 5, 2007

Nuts to Knots

As I creep my way up the chart for the Black Widow Spider King, I have been encountering Too Many Knots in my balls of Gentle. The other day I was finding a knot about every other row. As I was almost at the end of the ball, I decided to start the second ball I brought with me. Now I am encountering knots every row.

I can understand one or two knots per ball, but this is becoming ridiculous. Not much I can do about it but grit my teeth, because first, I don't have any more black Gentle here. Second, Yarn Place's web site has been a mess for months. You can't order anything, even if you could find what you want amidst the weird slide show thing that now passes for a "store." And third, even if I could order more and have it shipped to Japan, it won't be the same dye lot.

If I continue to encounter more knots, I am afraid that I will be unrecommending this stuff for anything more than swatches.


Lacefreak said...

Dear fleegle,

Knots really suck. I hope you have enough to finish the shawl. If you need more black, let me know your dye-lot, maybe we can get you some since my sister-in-law lives in Sunnyvale where that yarn store is. I go there to visit alot so I'd just pop into the store to see if it is still available. I hope the knot situation resolves itself!

Experimental Knitter said...

Someone in a yarn store once told me that many knots means the end of the dye lot. Bad enough for a sweater or something, but a lace shawl - yikes!
If you get more in a different dye lot, maybe you can overdye the completed shawl to the same shade of black? Not a dyer but just a thought.

Lacefreak said...

Dear fleegle,

I spoke to diane at Yarn Place (408-739-7888) and she has several balls in your dye lot. She read on your blog about your problems and was going to contact you anyway. She says she can mail the stuff to Japan if you want or I can go get it and mail it to you. Whatever you want to do! She was really sorry about your difficultys with the yarn and all the knots. Let me know if I can help further! Good Luck with Spider King!