Friday, April 6, 2007

Harry's Poll Results

Harry and I totalled up all the votes (including those posted to Knitter's Review instead of here) and the results are:

Blue: 23
Red: 10
Undecided: 1
Wants a neutral color instead: 1

What was especially interesting about the results was that the Blues tended to vote in the morning and the Reds in the evening. I am sure a psychologist could have a field day with this information. Are Blues morning people and Reds night prowlers? Or is it the amount of daylight present that skews the vote? Or is breakfast a bluer meal than dinner?

Anyway, Harry was still waffling, and promised to dust the shoji screens if I would knit some swatches.

Harry had the swatches evaluated by two engineer buddies, who thought the Gentle yarn had more structural integrity.

Of course, structural integrity is all well and good, but he wanted some subjective opinions too. So he called Bertie, Elvis, Winston, and Nagini over to take a peek.

Poll results:

Very Tasty: 2
Nice Slither Texture: 1
Excellent Nesting Potential: 1

After explaining the concept of an opinion poll to the gang One More Time, the results became:

Orange: 1
Polka Dots: 1
Green: 1
Wants a neutral color instead: 1

I have to say that, while I was really, really leaning towards the blue when comparing the skeins, the red looks so much richer and blocks out with more character.

Plug for Gentle yarn

This stuff is just fabulous to knit with. It is quite elastic, allowing needle acrobatics that would stretch or break other yarns. It feels heavenly and comes in 33 gorgeous colors, too.

Gentle is cobweb weight (6265 yards/lb), but if you are in the market for something finer, check out Yarn Place's Angel (8323 yards/lb). It's 100% merino that feels like cashmere and comes in 16 lovely colors.

To give you a comparison, Heirloom Knitting's Merino Lace is about 7000 yards/lb and their Gossamer Merino is about 11,000 yards/lb. The former comes in 28 colors and the latter in naturalwhite/ecru.

I ordered some of the Merino Lace a while back, but thought it oddly coarse--I'll trade it away at some point. The Gossamer feels wonderful, but I can't see myself knitting white for months on end. (Lyn, if you are reading this, we need some gossamer-weight Gentle!).

And so, to sum up this mildly rambling post, even though the blue color shimmers from the hand of an expert dyer, the red is just more appealing. Furthermore, the red goes better with Harry's complexion and most importantly, would be more difficult for the covert ops folks to track me via satellite.


Lori said...

With photos of the actual swatches posted, I'll have to say I agree with the Red Gentle yarn. Something about the photoshopped images in the last post made the blue more appealing, but in real person? Definitely red.
And besides, it goes with Harry's complexion!

Anonymous said...

Most excellent choice, Feh-lee-gle.
After ze debacle wiz ze Ram, we must be very, very careful.(I do not suppose you would consider Sheperd Sock in Camouflage for zis knitting?)And we have also heard zat you have flaunted ze Missile Patriot. Zis is big no-no. (Ze "big no-no," it is most excellent super-secret-spy-term, yes?)We will be contacting you wiz furzer instructions...(Have ze Ants taken ze oath of loyalty? Zis we must not overlook. I so love a man in a toolbelt. VaVaVoom!)

lori said...

I'll probably get demoted for pushing the red. Now we'll have to adjust all our equipment. The blue would have been soooo much easier to track, but, as a knitter my ownself, I just had to put the shawl first. Oh, well. If they take away one of my stripes, I'll just knit myself a new one.
I voted for red in the morning. Gee,I hope I don't skew the
MMPI-K. (MN Multiphasic Personality Inventory-Knitter)

Marie said...

Both swatches are very pretty but the red definitely stands out! Perhaps people are inclined to vote for blue in the morning because it's a more soothing color for sleepy minds? I missed out on the poll...silly Bloglines was not showing me updates. Can't wait to see Harry make progress on the shawl!

Lynn said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha! Red triumphs yet again!

Lacefreak said...

I have to say that once I saw the swatches, I have to agree that the red is really outstanding. It just pops more. Sometimes photo-shop doesn't really give you the total picture. Besides, you really have to wear the color that goes with your skin-tone.