Monday, April 16, 2007

Creating Original Hand-Knitted Lace--A Source for You


The new edition is slated for June, 2007.

Someone emailed Margaret Stove and apparently, there will be a new US edition soon. So be patient and ignore the $60 copies that are floating around.

The Needlepoint Joint may still has copies...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the pointer. However, I just called them, and they don't have it in the store. (The lady who does mail-order (the other option when you call) is not in on the weekend.)

I have found a number of stores listing this book who don't actually have it. I guess the idea is that they have a large relevant booklist, and then they order whichever ones people actually want.

lethe - a t - knittyboard d o t com

Anonymous said...

At Lacis DOT com it's $60! But I guess they do have it. I remember I bought mine at Schoolhouse Press but it looks as if they no longer have it. Hope folks have luck finding it - it's a great book. Terry

Batty said...

Sigh. That's a lot of money. Wish I could afford it!

Experimental Knitter said...

I bought the last one from TNPJ.
And it came today, gave me something to look at while doing the Passover cooking. That sea spray shawl is beyond words. Will spend more time reading it over the holiday (when I can't knit, sigh).

Lacefreak said...

Dear Fleegle,

I got my own copy the last time you posted on this book so I have to thank you for reminding me of it. I think I got it at Elan but I may have got their last copy. It's weird but I saw this book when it first came out and I didn't get it because I was not knitting any lace at all, just cables. It really is very instructive and I'm glad she may re-issue it. It's really worth the money.

Anonymous said...

Good to know, I'll put it on my wish list to remind me of it. Did they happen to say when it's expected?

fleegle said...

Dear Jenifair--

All I heard about the print date was "soon." I don't know if that's a soon soon or a later soon. If I hear anything, I will post the information.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Sweden,

Got my copy from Colonial Lake books i Australia who still has them in stock, and ships worldwide :-)
Smiles form Ingrid in Sweden