Thursday, June 7, 2007

Squid Knits!

I'd be afraid to wear one of these fetching outfits in Japan. Someone surely would try to serve me for dinner.


Laritza said...

You mean thing!
Sure made me laugh!

Batty said...

Oh no, they're being devoured by some Lovecraftian monstrosity!

Muki Muki said...

I kind of was thinking of the green one for my wife. Would accent her eyes.

How many say Yes?

How many say No?

How do you vote Fleegle?

fleegle said...

muki muki, if you think your wife would look good in that green outfit, your marriage might have more problems than a new squid outfit would fix.

Of course, I don't think there are many marriages that would be enhanced with tentacle clothing, but that's just my opinion.

Jane said...

Good thing I wasn't taking a sip of Pepsi when I looked at those pictures or it would have come out my nose. Very very funny!

Angeluna said...

These really qualify for knitting as an art form. The green one is gorgeously designed, look at that bodice shaping. In the days I worked in fashion in Paris, I would probably have worn it. Practically, that is a lot of knitting and a lot of fiber to make a statement. But you know, I'm glad to see designers stretching the limits of the medium. You wouldn't wear it, but it would make you think and perhaps adapt an idea or two. Love the comparison with Bill Nighy.
Thanks for the heads up, Fleegle. Ummmm, are you bored by any chance?