Sunday, June 3, 2007

Forgotten Stash and Ordering Japanese Products

Sometimes it pays to do a little spring cleaning.

I was rummaging around my closet the other day, frantically searching for something that I completely forgot about when I discovered two balls of this:


I inspected the label. The yarn content is 55% mohair, 45% silk.

Rubbed it around my face. Felt like a goose down powder puff. More hmms.

Where did it come from, I wondered?

I spent some time wandering around the Yuzawaya website, and finally found it here.

Notice that there are 220 meters (240 yards) for 756 yen, or $6.20. With my Yuzawaya discount card, the price per ball is $5.58.

Now notice this.

Kidsilk Haze List Price: $13.50. 70% Super Kid mohair 30% Silk Approx. 227 yds/25g

Most Japanese yarns are pricier than their European counterparts, so
it's a puzzler how a higher-quality mohair/silk blend can be found here at less than half the price of KSH. Parfait is much softer than KSH, too.

For those who would like to order this yarn, or any other Japanese product, please check out Crescent Trading. For a not-too-outrageous fee, they will place orders and send them on to you. All you need to do is supply specific information, a link, or a picture from a website, and they will do their best to find the product. Nice people!

And Parfait is still cheaper than KSH, even with Cresent's handling and mailing fee.


Batty said...

Crescent Trading, you say? Thank you, thank you, thank you (I think)!

It has the potential to be financially ruinous, but finally, I can get a bunch of Japanese stuff without first having to spend years learning the language!

Jane said...

I think I must go through my stash to see if I have any hidden yarn too. That looks just delicious. I only have little yarn that is "hairy" since it's such a pain to rip it when you make an error. Still, very very pretty!

Muki Muki said...

Such a great piece of information. Thank you very much. You are so cool. jAnd, your blog is the greatest.

missalicefaye said...

hmm. I wish fabulous yarns would magically appear when I look in my closet... :)

Laughingrat said...

That is really cool! I speak as one who bought three balls of KSH recently, for an unspecified shawl project (VLT shawl? Or just a Kiri? Who knows!). It's nifty that Crescent Trading will find stuff from overseas for you, too. The internet is a pretty cool place. :)

Can't remember for sure what your e-mail is, so I'll leave this in a comment: I did another "Flowerbox" yarn tonight and it can have your name on it, if ya like. ;) Just give me the word!