Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gift From the Heart

I just received a touching (and touchable) box of lace yarns--both skeins and samples--from Lacefreak Jane. The package included an adorable tape measure, a handmade bookmark, and a lovely note that brought tears to my eyes.

I have never gotten such a heartfelt gift from anyone other than my husband, and I am just blown away by it.

Roy and I love to give gifts--we think it's fun to find things our friends might enjoy. But it occurred to me when I opened the box this morning, that we rarely ever receive gifts in return.

We never expect anything back from our giftees, you understand, but the fact that I received a gift came as a tsunami-style shock. Someone I have never met thought enough of me to (1) assemble a thoughtful, useful assortment of cool stuff and (2) actually send it via Express Mail to Japan.

Words cannot express. Thank you, Jane.

Of course, Harry, not being the least bit sentimental, immediately dragged everything into his light fixture for close examination. He did allow me to photograph the contents after I threatened him with a 250-watt light bulb (Hot!).

There were four skeins of lace yarn, a Shetland one-ply from Lacis, and three from Yarn Place: Touch, Heaven, and Angel. All feel exquisite and have enough yardage for useful garments, although I don't think I'll be making, say socks, out of the 1-ply cobweb.

This bookmark was handmade from waxed linen twine, hand-blown glass, etched shell, and carved wood:

On the cards are a variety of fine cashmere, silk, and a variegated wool, Graceful (Yarn Place).

A rate commodity here--a cow tape measure!

And, in case I get ambitious enough to wash anything, there was a collection of Soak.

Harry promises to swatch this weekend, so look forward to yet another round of teeny-tiny samples next week.


renee said...

Knew Jane would be sending you a package. How lovely of her & how wonderful for you! You two are my favorite bloggers! Enjoy!

2trees said...

*Where* can I get that cow tape measure?

fleegle said...

Here's one place that carries them:

but if you Google for "cow tape measure" you'll find many more stores that stock them.

Jane said...

Dear fleegle,

So glad you like the package. Enjoy!

Batty said...

What a great package! I have the same tape measure, they're so much fun. And it's the only one I haven't lost, so maybe you won't lose yours either!

Opal said...

What wonderful swag! That Jane sure is a treasure. :-)