Thursday, June 14, 2007

KnitChart: Free Browser App for Creating Charts

Utterly cool! Runs from your browser and is FREE!. Go here to play with it.

You do have to have the Java plug-in installed. Go here to download it if you need it.

Have fun!


Jenn said...

That's fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Silvia said...

great tool.
The only feature I miss (and sent her an email about it) would be a symbol generator. I would like to create a few new Japanese sysmbols myself then eventually being able to save them in specific libraries.
With this feature on, plus solving the Save/Open feature she could easily sell it I think.
thanks a lot for the link, best wishes, Silvia

Silvia said...

Re. your reply
Oh, I meant to say that KnitChart bears a close resemblance to Knit Visualizer, except it doesn't have a parser. And KV is very expensive.

You are so right here. And the advantage of KnitChat is that it's a web tool, so no installation problems.
Jacquie was asking for some feedback so I've sent her my suggestion about having different sets of symbols ( it will become international than)- I guess it's a matter of time for her to figure out the best way to do it and to actually do it:). This being said, I think it's a great tool (plus being free:)).
I've started a tool myself, years ago for generating fair isle charts out of set of colors imported from fair isle yarn manufacturers - I guess I got some motivation now to dig it out :).

On a different topic, let me know where about in England are you going to travel - I am in West Yorkshire and I might be in England by the end of August.
best wishes, Silvia

Jacquie said...

Thanks for linking to my Knitting Chart Maker and for giving it a try.

I have indeed been working with Silvia on a Japanese set and I will have something to show quite soon I think.