Friday, November 9, 2007

Amazing Needle?

For those of us who have bags, boxes, vases, baskets, and rolls filled with knitting needles, crochet hooks, and tatting shuttles, you can apparently toss all of them away and buy a set of these instead. With this single gizmo, you can knit, crochet, and tat, apparently al att the same time, without having the hassle of locating just the right circular, straight, dpn, crochet hook, or tatting shuttle.

Somebody has to order one and make a report. I, erm, am frantically busy searching for that 14" size 2 circular with the pointy tips.

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Suna Kendall said...

Hmmm...well, the things made with it were not as odd as I feared--and it certainly inspires the idea of mixing modalities at will in one project (tunisian! knitting! crocheting! with little tatted flowers!). I guess it's rare enough for anyone to come up with an idea that's "different" that I will give this the benefit of the doubt, and say, OK, you can make some reasonable objects with it.

But, no, I don't think it would ever replace all of your knitting, crocheting OR tatting implements. A fun novelty, like those nifty circular doo-dads at the craft stores, more likely.

Thankfully they don't come in sizes small enough to really interest me. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Thanks for the diversion, anyway!

Laritza said...

I have one of those. They are used for Tunisian Crochet. With different stitch patterns you can produce a fabric that looks like knit, but using the Tunisian Crochet technique. It takes forever and the resulting fabric is so dense it could very well serve as an armor.

Opal said...

Hrm. Intriguing.

Anonymous said...

it's a crochet hook with a cable and a clamp?

Those projects seem a little limited.

LittleBerry said...

Mmmm not convinced! Tools are designed with specific tasks in mind and that's what makes them good at it, so to have a 'universal' tool so in my mind it's a bit like saying a sock pattern with only one set of cast on stitches and states "one size fits all"

BTW There will be lots of photos soon to keep you and Soo happy ;O)

Hanh-Trang said...

Hmm, I notice that there is no small sizes which I use more often for socks and lace. Besides the price seems to be a little steep. One can always drill a hole in all the wooden crochet hooks that one already has. The one think I think this is really good for, if they do have a small size is for running a life line for complicate lace projects.

BadCatDesigns said...

Hummm...nah. I like me knitting needles.

Carol said...

Hmmm. seems a little over-simplified.