Monday, March 26, 2007

Discounted Addi Lace Needles

For those of you who don't know Sandy Terp and and her store at Moonrise Lace Knitting, let me introduce you. Sandy is a talented lace designer who sells a small, but choice selection of yarns; patterns; and now, Addi lace needles. Her prices for the needles are a few dollars lower than retail:

Size 1 in 24", 32", and 48" $11
Size 2 in 24", 32", and 48" $11
Size 3 in 24", 32" and 48" $12
Size 4 in 24" or 48" $12
Size 5 in 24" or 48" $12
Size 6 in 24" or 48" $12

Shipping on the needles is $3, regardless of how many you order. Note that these prices arrived via her newsletter and are lower than those stated on her website. So if you place an order with her, please mention the newsletter price.

And if you are in the market for cobweb lace yarn, do ask for a free sample of her Harmony yarn. It's a luxurious blend of 70% alpaca, 20% silk, and 10% cashmere--about a 2/32 weight with 10,000 yards per pound. Her prices for the yarn are quite reasonable--$40 for a 9 ounce skein, which is plenty for several fine shawls. I bought some at Stitches East last fall and it is lovely stuff.

If you graze around her site, you'll also find books, patterns, and an interesting assortment of tools not available elsewhere, such as a needle gauge that goes down to 00000000 (8x). She also sells 8x needles, for those of you who are into profound masochism.


Batty said...

Oh, no. I so didn't need this. I'm broke. I'm in love with lace knitting. I want laceweight yarn!

lori said...

I'm old; all seven of my brain cells are weary. So, if I'm wrong on the day here, forgive me. But is it not the anniversary of the day thou didst plight thy troth? If , by some holy happening, I'm correct, Happy Day!! If, as is more than likely, I'm wrong, store up the good wishes for the actual day. (Also, if I'm correct, we want pics of the gift basket!)

fleegle said...

Okay, Lori, who the heck are you? And how could you possibly know that it's my anniversary? And how could you possibly know I got a gift basket? Are you bugging our telephone and/or house? Ha. I got this figured out. You're NSA, right?

By the way, it's also my husband's birthday! But you should know that, as the NSA knows all, hears all, and sees all things via spy satellites.

Fleegle waves.

Anonymous said...

Profound masochism--sounds like me! :)

And happy anniversary/husband's birthday, if your comments are to be believed! :)

RoadSide said...

Thanks for the link! Cant wait to go shopping!

PS. I love reading your reviews and seeing how you make patterns work for inspiration, Thanks!

Lori said...

Wow, thanks for the cool website! I'm not certain what I could do with 8x needles, but it sure would freak out the other knitters at my Saturday S&B!
Oh, and hey - happy anniversary to you!

lori said...

Sometimes a puffer fish is not just a puffer fish. And sometimes it is. By the way, that's a great color for you. Compliments your complexion nicely. And I like your hair up like that. (But I can't see those dust bunnies under the armoire, really)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Sandy. My needles are already on the way!!!! Sandy was a darling.


Thank you so much, for your heads up! I have ordered 5 pair of needles from there all thanks to your blog! And I love my addi lace needles! I want to knit everything with it now, no matter lace or not!