Sunday, April 8, 2007

You know you're a real knitter when...

The Easter Frog pays a visit to your house!

The Easter Frog, as we all know, come from the same place as the Easter Bunny. If you know where that is, please let me know, will you?

Nancy, please come up here are help us empty the Easter Frog, so I can use it as a knitting basket.

And Lori, we found the bug. Very clever, hiding it inside a Whopper.


Jane said...

Wonderful basket! You have to keep yor strength up while knitting after all.

lori said...

*sigh* I told the new guy that was a bad idea. But he's SUCH a know-it-all. I must admit, I WAS looking forward to making HIM wear the headphones and monitor that one.
The Easter Elmo came to visit me. He must be a knitter, too, as he was filled with KSH, Lacey Lamb, and Koigu.